Indian Holiday Packages


Thinking of going solo this time? Try our most favored 'Solo Tours' package. The various vacation spots with its scenic beauty may just be the right one for you!


Got a fun loving group that likes to explore places together? Click on any one of our 'Group Tours' packages and you may just love the way we have set it up for you!


Time of the year when you want to give your students a break and let them enjoy? Access our list of 'Edutainment Tours' and you may just be surprised by the menu.


This package has some of the most amazing holy locations put together. We understand your sentiments and are sure you would love the great benefits of this package.


Time to let your office hours go, relax and have some solid fun? Click on any of our 'Adventure Tours' package and we are sure you would love the delights included.


Love the most preferred spots for your great vacation? Get complete access to your packages with our "Luxury Tours" program. It is truly loving & luxurious.


Looking to have some great fun and vacation time but need it with limited budget? Great. We just created something specially for you in our 'Super Wallet Tours'.


Time of the year when you need some special vacation fun at the best prices and with instant booking? Look no further and access our Quick Fun Tours package.


  • I was initially very hesitant of booking online based on a previous bad experience that I had with another company, but when I received a call from 'India Travels' and decided to check their website, I loved the great combination of vacation packages and decided to give it a try! The result was UNBELIEVABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I just loved the way these guys treat customers with great respect and value. I will surely book through 'IndiaTravels' again very soon.

    Mansi Sharma, Mumbai
  • It is impossible to not comment after taking the service from 'India Travels'. They understand what Customers love and accordingly provide the best of Travel experiences and services for their members. When I purchased their membership plan, I was not sure since it was the first time I signed up for anything on the phone. But when it was time for a vacation during my daughter's sixth birthday, I decided to call them and use my plan with them. They did exactly what was promised to me. Instant booking and great service. You guys are great and I just recommended your service to my boss!

    Uday Lokarg, Pune
  • There is something different about 'India Travels'. It is not the usual book and fly service you always experience with others. Which company calls you to confirm if everything was fine even after your trip is done? These guys do. And I think that is what I loved about them in addition to the great travel experience provided. My family really enjoyed it and I loved seeing them dance through the trip.

    Richa & Ankul Singh, Udaipur
  • I was tired of the daily office hours and wanted to travel to some place I have never been before just alone. I was initially not sure if going alone would be fun but I think it was certainly worth it especially because of the great choice of 'Solo Tours' packages provided by 'India Travels'. They very much took care of me to and fro during the trip and that I think very rarely is done by any company these days. Good service and I will surely refer them to my friends too.

    Vishal Nair, Delhi

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